That Awkward Moment of the First Post

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The idea of making a Birdmischief blog has been seeping into my grey matter for a while. However, it came to a head (or fully into my head) when I had a very unfortunate Twitter conversation with someone on a subject that doesn’t lend itself to explaining oneself in 140 characters or fewer. So here is where I can explain, sound off, muse or munch on things at more leisure.

I love Twitter as a place to meet people, to joke and to glean and share news, information and opinions. It’s the best medium I’ve seen for rapid-fire news and response, and a fragile beacon of free speech – much of it life-saving. What it’s not so good for is trying to understand one another through different frames. That takes time and care, especially when the times and subject(s) under discussion are highly polarizing.

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed a mix of British and American spelling in this first post. I’m leaving it as is to reflect my bi-cultural upbringing, and as a signpost that I may well slip. To be honest, I slip up lots, and in a lot of ways. I can’t guarantee never to offend or always to interest. However, I do try to get stuff right. Truth and accuracy are valuable to me, even if I don’t always succeed at the latter.

I cant tell you precisely what you’ll find here, but I’m likely to post about politics, music, animals, teaching, writing, cool stuff and personal muddlings. I may even post the occasional recipe, when I have time to cook sometime in, oh, about 3027.

So for anyone visiting here, WELCOME! Thank you very much for wading through this awkward first post. Please do point me to any blog that you may have, especially if I know you already from Twitter. I’ll be sure to check it out and say hello.

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